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Full text of "Psalmi Penitentiales [Transcribed and ed. by F. S. Ellis]"

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Pshljmi peNirerrawkes. 


— M M k P" 

^«. sec 






pSHLjvu pejw:e>rcxflJves. 



ps. VI. I. 

Domine ne in furore tuo arguas me: 
neque in ira tua corripias me. 

ORD yn tbin anger up- 
take me nought, 
Hnd in tbi veratb blame 

|(J tbu nought me, 
f or yef my soule be 
throw sought, 

In many a synne myself y see. 

Hnd drede renny t in my thought 

That tbow wolt awreke bee, 

But lord tbu bast me dere abougbt, 

Spar a wy le ty I y bee free. 2. 

ftlisereremei domine quoniam infirm- 
ussum : sana me domine quoniam con- 
turbata sunt ossa mea. 

}6RCY lord for y am seek, 
Rele me, for brused betb my bonus, 

' JMi flescb y s f rel, my sou le bath eck 
f orgret mester to make monus. 
But wenne my cors is cast yn creek, 
Hnd dolvyn depe under stones, 
^besu mercyable and meek, 
J*ese nought that tbow bougbtest ones., 

etanimameaturbata est valde:sedtu do- 
mine usquequo? 

I^I^N 10 my soule ys destourbled sore, 
ffifM But lord bou longe scbal bit be so ? 
WEM. Yef X do synnes more and more, 
ITban mot y soff re peynys mo. 
X lede a lyif ayenst tbi lore, 
So wreccbedli tbat me is woo, 
But tbi merci may me restore, 
"Cber nys noon belp wan bit is goo. 

fORJ^e tbe lord, my soule out 


Make me saaf for tbi mercy, 
for foul witb fetbur ne fiscb with fynne 
Y» noon unstedefastur than y. 
dan X tbenke wat is me witbynne, 
Mi consciens maketb a earful cry, 
"Cberfore tbi pyte lord unpynne, 
T:bat y may mende me tberby. 

ps. vi. 5. 

Quoniam non est in morte qui memor sit 
tui : in inferno au tem quia confitebitur tibi ? 
fi^HORyn detb is noon tbat tbc tbenh- 

jil^^j Sflbo scbal knowlecbe to tbeyn belle ? 
<XLin bodies stynketb under ston, 
Cdberas soules betb no man can telle. 
"Cberf or 7besu tbou f elle oure f oon, 
That al day on us yelpe and yelle, 
Hnd graunt us or we bennys goon, 
T^bat we be wescbe yn mercy welle. 

ps. vi. 6. 

kaboravi in gemitu meo, lavabo per sin- 
gulas noctes tectum meum: lacrimismeis 
stratum meum rigabo. 

f)HVe traveld in my weylinge, 
JMi bed scbal y wescbe every nygbt, 
Hnd witb tbe teres of my wepynge, 
]My bedstre watre as by t is rygbt. 
Synne is cause of my mornyng, 
Y f ele me f eynt in goostly f ygbt, 
Tberfore y wepe and watur wryng, 
Hs y wel owe, and every wygbt. 

b2 3 

Turbatus est a furore oculus meus: inve- 

tcravi inter omnes inimicos meos. 

)tN igbe for atigur destorbled ys, 
Y ooldede myn enemyes among, 
CHel y wot y have doo my s, 
Hnd greved god with werkes wrong. 
Hnd ever wan y tbenke on this, 
Y crye on crist wytb stevene strong, 
Hnd say lord Ibesu, Kyng of blys, 
TTo tbi mercy me underfong. 

ps. vi. 8. 

Discedite a me omnes qui operamini ini- 
quitatem : quoniam exaudivit dominus vo- 
^^6 that dootb wrong, gootb fro me 

f orgodmy wepyngvoys batb berd, 
"Co bis foot f ayne wol y f alle, 
Hnd be cbastcd wytb by s y erd. 
]^ow curteys kyng to tbe y calle, 
Be nought vengeable, put up tbi swerd, 
Yn bevene wan tbow boldest balle, 
Let me nought be tberout sperd. 

Gxaudivit dominus deprecacionem meam: 

dominus oracioncm mcam susccpit. 

\UR lord bath berkened my prayer, 
Hnd receyved myn oryson, 
Cber for y bopc to bavc bcr 
Sum profy t of bye passyon. 
fie suatte blood and watur clere, 
my tb betyng was bis body broun ; 
"Cbou that bougbtest man so dere, 
Lat never tbe feend drawe bym adoun. u. 

erubescant et conturbentur vebementer 



[ORG astoneyd and ascbamed 
Slortb al tbei tbat myn enemyes 


turned and wy tb scbame atamed 
Ritb sone be tbei tbat y may see. 
TTbe world, tbe fend, tbe ttescb, ynamed, 
Hyens mankynde enemyes tbre, 
*Cbat y be nought tbrou bem defamed, 
Dereward lord,y praye tbee. 




)p6.XXXi. I. 

.Beati quorum remisse sunt iniquitates: et 
(quorum tectasuntpeccata. 

B^eSSeD be tbei wbos 

werkes wrong 

Betb foryevyn and synnes 


for bcm that god batb under/ 


\r\ bevene tbei betb coutbe ykyd. 
But tbei tbat Uggen in lustes longe, 
Hnd dotb no betur tban beest or brid, 
XZbzy movoe be sicur of stormes stronge, 
Xbe vpreccbes betbfulwobetyd. 

ps. xxxi. 2. 

catum, nee est in spiritu ejus dolus. 

flvBSSaD be be to wbom god rettyt 

»k ^° s ? nne > ne hath ? n S oost nc Q^Tle, 
for at gret priys god lord bit setty t, 
TTbo tbat meny tb yn word no wyle. 
But be tbat consciens unknettit, 
Hnd yevy tb no f ors bit do defile, 
Hyens bym god bis weppyn wbettitb, 
To wrekyn bim a lytul wbyle. 



p8. XXXI. 3. 

Quoniam tacui inveteraverunt ossa mea, 
dum clamarcm tota die. 

i fiXkD my pees, tberf or my bonus, 
r eidide while y scbolde crie alday, 
"Co gete f ory evenesse yeef y may. 
1 have mester to make mones, 
Chat have ydo many a wilde outray, 

Y crie the mercy, kyng of trones, 

Y have trespasd, y say not nay. 

ps. xxxi. 4. 

Quoniam die ac nocte gravata est super 
me manus tua: conversus sum in erumpna 
mea, dum configitur spina. 

}0 / Zr>G be day and nygbt alsoo, 
On me tbin bond weis bevely, 
Hnd y am turned yn my woo, 
labile tbomes prikketb perelusly. 
"Cber prichitb me perelus tbomes two 
Of synne, of peyne, tbis fele wel y, 
Hnd tberf or lord, setb bitys soo, 
Y putte me al yn tbi mercy. 

ps. xxxi. 5. 

Delictum mcum cognitum tibi feci: etin- 

justtciam meam non abscondi. 

)X gylt have y maad to the knowen, 
X have not fro the ybid my wrong, 
In brefF scbal y be al aknowen, 
HI my mysdede and morne among, 
for certys lord we triste and trowen 
"Cbe welle of grace witb stremes strong 
Out of tbi fayne flescb gan flowen, 
dan blod out of tbin berte sprong. 

ps. xxxi. 5. 

Dixi, confitebor adversum me injusticiam 

meam domino : et tu remisisti impietatem 


fjpP|0 god y sayde y scbal knolecbe, 

|[feyHyens myself my wrong witbynne, 

*2^ Hnd tbou lord as a lovli lecbe, 

f oryeve tbe trespas of my synne. 

"Chan speditb nogbt to spare to speke, 

"Co crie on crist wil y not blynne, 

TTbat be ne take on me wrecbe, 

for word ne werk that y begynne. 


ps. xxxi. 6. 

probacorabitadteomnis sanctus in tem- 
>ore opportuno. 
jgppSReRf OR bisefce scbal every seynt, 

luPi ^ 11 tymc that ys tbcrt0 covenable, 
12^ for tbei be trewe and y teynt, 
Tbei betb stedefast and y unstable. 
Rere f rendscip found y never f eynt, 
Rem wil y praias tbei ben able, 
Tbat tbei wil mene my compleynt, 
"Co god that is so merciable. 

ps. xxxi. 6. 

Verumptamen in diluvio aquarum multa- 

rum ad eum non approximabunt. 
}U.t yn tbe flod of waters f ele, 
To bym scbul tbei not neggbe nere, 
Rem neditb nogbttbatbetb yn wele, 

Tbe watur tbat us wasscbitb bere. 

But we tbat al day from bim stele, 

Hnd wratbe bym tbat batb no pere, 

Yef we wil us fro barmes bele, 

Us neditb to wepe watres clere. 

p8. XXXI. 7. 

'Cu es ref ugium meum a tribulacione que 

circumdedit me: exultacio mea erue me a 

circumdantibus me. 

BSpSftCl art my refute yn my woo, 

Wwi Cbat batb vironed me aboute, 

W^m JMi ioye dely vere me of tboo, 

"Cbat me biclippyn al aboute. 

"Cbe f endes fleetb botbe too and f roo, 

'Co dempne me, tbis is no doute, 

But lord wan y scbal bennys go, 

Kepe me from tbat revly route. 

ps. xxxi. 8. 

intellectum tibi daboet instruam te in 

via bac qua gradieris : firmabo super te 


NOeRSXrOJSTDYNG y scbal tbe 


Hnd y scbal tecbe tbe witbal, 
Hnd yn tbe wey tbat tbou scbalt wende, 
On tbe myn ygbe fastene scbal. 
Y am tbi god, bave me yn mynde, 
Imade tbe fre tber tbou were tbral, 
"Chat no dedli synne tbe scbende, 
Jvet wit and wy sdam be tbi wal. 

p8. XXXU 9. 

polite fieri sicut equus et mulus, quibus 
non est intellectus. 

J6 faritb nogbt as mule and bors, 
In wicbe noon understanding is, 
for so faritb tbei tbat yevitb no 

"Cbou tbei do never so mucbil amys. 
XTbenke tbat in coruptible coors 
Is nogbt bote worm es mete iwis, 
"Cberf or yn murtbe bave tbu remors, 
Hnd ever among tbenk wel on this. 

ps. xxxi. 9. 

In cbamo et freno maxillas eorum con- 
stringe, qui non approximant ad te. 
5Spj]^ bernacle & bridel tbu constreyne 

'«Ic3 ^ hc cnehis of hcm tbat "eggbetb 
™ tbe nogbt, 

for certis lord, but tbu ref reyne, 
3de scbul do synne yn every thought, 
"Cbe world is nogbt but synne and peyne, 
Hnd wrecbednesse tbat man bath wrogbt, 
Of this myscbef y me compleyne, 
"Co tbe 7hesu tbat bast me bought. 





ps. xxxi. 10. 

in domino misericordia circumdabit* 
)HNY oon is the sadde betynge, 
Chat to the synnef ul scbal betide, 
But bym tbat is yn godtristynge, 
Scbal mercy hepe yn every side. 
Cdan wreccbis scbal ber bondis wringe, 
"Cbat were so f ul of pompe and pride, 
"Chan scbulle tbe saved soules synge, 
for blisse tbat tbei scbulle ynne abide. 

ps. xxxi. 11. 

ketamini in domino et exultate iusti, et 
gloriamini omnes recti corde. 
£$§5?§N oure lord betb mery and glad, 
Wm Yc tbat of rightful berte be, 
1 for be tbat was on rode s prad, 

J^ow sytyn bis fadris see. 

Yn sygbtb of bim scbul we be glad, 

Hs angelis tbat betb britb of ble, 

Tbesu graunte us to be lad 

So tbat we mai tbat sygbte se. 


p8. XXXVii, L 

Domine ne in furore tuo arguas me, neque 

in ira tua corripias me. 

[ORD blame me nogbt wan tbu 

CIptak me nogbt yn bastinesse, 
"Cbo y bave lyved as tbe is lotb, 
Clnkyndeayens tbi kyndenesse. 
for wantowne word and idel otb, 

Hndmany awerk of wikkidnesse, 

X drede tbi doom ay ens me gootb, 
B But grace go with rigbtf ulnesse. 

ps. xxxvii. 2. 

Quoniam sagitte tue infixe sunt micbi: et 
confirmasti super me manum tuam. 
fiS^SflOR tbin arwes betb yn me pigbt, 
Gl^Ja'Cbu bast set fast on me tbin bond, 
li^M Hnd as a man witbowten migbtb, 
X waxe walk as witby wond* 
But lord meynteine tbu tbi rigbtb 
Supporte tbi man tbat may not stonde 
Hnd conforte tbu tbi feble knygbt 
Cbat forth is flemed out of tbi londe. 

ps. xxxvii. 3. 

JNon cat sanitas in came mca a facie ire tue: 

non est pax ossibus meis a facie peccato- 

rum meorum. 

>OR in my flescb tber is noon bele, 
In presence of tbi worthy face, 
Ho my bones nys pees ne wele, 

for synnes that me thus deface. 

TTberfor wan detb scbal witb me dele, 

X se no belp lord but tbi grace, 

JMi wilde wil, my wittus f rele, 

Gncombre me wan y trespace. 

ps. xxxvii. 4. 

Quoniam iniquitates mee supergresse sunt 
caput meum : et sicut onus grave gravate 
sunt super me. 

RPgHOR now above myn bed ar growen, 
ElSj'Cbcwcrkesof my wikhednesse, 
"y^a Hnd upon me synne ys tbrowen, 
H burdyne of gret bevynesse. 
X may nowber now me bestowen, 
TTo bide me from tbin bastinesse, 
Nevertbeles as we trowen, 
"Cbi mercy passetb rigbtf u In esse. 

ps. xxxvii. 5. 


a facie insipiencie mee. 

§2^031 betbmy wondesrotyn and rank, 

ffljfflK Tofore the face of my foly e, 


Can y nogbt but mercy crye. 
]^ow crist tbat resedest bim that stank 
The brother of martbe and of marie, 
So bryng me fro this breri bank, 
To bevene blisse above the skie. 

ps. xxxvii. 6. 

JMiser factus sum, et curvatus sum usque 


ftsgpN mSKG a wreccbe yn to the List endc, 

KllK' X croked and earful gedc al day, 

JMurtbemaynoon comynmymende, 

Cdban y tbenke on my longe way. 
I wot wel y mot bennys wende, 
But wbider ne wanne y con nogbt say, 
Tberfor my buxum bak y beende, 
Tbat crist me kepe, for be best may. 



Quoniam lumbi me impleti sunt illusioni- 

bus : ct non est sanitas in came mea. 

?OR f ul of fayrie bctb my reynus, 
Cberfor of grace sende me greynus, 
*Cbat y may fie al flescbly feltbe. 
kat never tbe fend witb al bis teynus, 
Sterte upon me witb no steltbe, 
TZo fastne on me bis f uyri cbaynus, 
for weldyng of tbis worldes weltbe. 

ps. xxxvii. 8. 

Hfflictus sum et bumiliatus sum nimis: 

rugiebam a gemitu cordis mei. 

I WlFLQ afligbt and maad f ut meke, 
j X rorede for weilyng of myn bene, 
Oure formfadrus awarde breke, 
"Cberfor al we betb woo bygerte* 
Hnd y tberto my synnes eke, 
<83bat wonder tbow my sowle smerte, 
Tberfor tbi mercy lord y seke, 
for y may nogbt tbin bond asterte. 


ps. xxxvii. 9» 

Domine, ante te omne desiderium mcum : 
et gemitus meus a tc non est absconditus. 
pRD al my desir is the beforn, 
JMi weilyng is nogbt from tbc bid, 
for yef my sowle scbold be for/ 

dbat wer y bet than best or brid ? 
'Cberfor'Jbesu of iewes borun, 
God and man yn ertbe hyd, 
kat never tbat tresor be totorn, 
"Cbat tbu were fore so wo by tid. 

ps.xxxvii. 10. 

Cormeum conturbatum est,dereliquitme 

virtus mea: et lumen oculorum meorum, 

et ipsum non estmecum. 

)Yfl berte in me destorbled ys, 
JMy vertu batb forsake me, 
1 JWin y e sy gbt wy tb me nogbt nys, 

JMi saviour may X nogbt se. 

Y erre al day and do amys, 

Y stomble as tbey tbat blynde be, 
Hnd synne ywis is cause of tbis, 
JMercy ibesu for tby pyte. 

c 17 

ps. xxxvii. 11. 

Hmici mei, et proximi mei adversum me 

appropinquaverunt, ct steterunt. 

)t negbbors and tbei that f rendes 


]Neggbeden and ay ens me stod, 
tn weltbe a man may wisdom lere, 
But wel were bym tbat understod 
Row f rendis flocken every wbere, 
Hs foules dotb after bere food, 
But be man ded and brought on bere, 
f ele betb feynt and fewe betb good. 

ps. xxxvii, 12. 

6t qui iuxta me erant, de longe steterunt: 
et vim faciebant qui querebant animam 

IpSgfiei stode af er tbat wbere me nygb, 
U(g|rbei strengbed hem tbat my sowle 
i^^ sought, 

*Cbe world was f als, tbe fend was slygb, 
XTbe flescb dide so tbat me f ortbougbt. 
*Cberf or to godde tban y fleygb, 
3ditb lowly berteand bim besought, 
XLo yeve con fort fro bevene an beegb, 
Of werhis tbat i badde myswrougbt. 

ps. xxxvii. 12. 

€t qui inquirebant mala mibi, locuti sunt 
vanitates : et dolos tota die meditabantur. 
^^]STO tbci that tbou gb te do m c shatbe, 
jmM Spehen wordes al yn vayne, 
Wzs Hnd al tbc day botbc late and rathe, 
TTbeitbougbtegile and upon trayne. 
But wan tbei f ede botbe mougbte and 

Hnd breris growitb above bere brayne, 
Tban scbal tbe sotbe bymself unswetbe, 
Row synn e batb many a soule slayn. 

ps. xxxv U. 13. 

Bgoautem tanquam surdus non audie- 

bam : et sicut mutus non aperiens os 


CTC y as deef man nought berde, 
Hnd as doumbe that undotb no 
_ mouth, 
So spared y and speche sperede, 
But wan y spak y seyde sotb. 
for be that iewis so f oule with f erde, 
TTbat wot bow every gyle gootb, 
f ul sore wil smite with bis yerde, 
But men amende hem that mysdotb. 
C2 19 

ps. xxxvii. 14. 

etfactus sum sicut homo non audiens : ct 

non babens in ore suo redarguciones. 

^sp3 BBCOJM as man that my gbte 


Hnd badde yn moutb non upmen- 


X saw tbe synf ul glad of cbere, 
Hnd y went f ortb ful sore sykinge. 
But lord tbat bougbtest man so dere, 
kat bim no blisse in balis bringe, 
But sende bim migbt to amende bere 
Hnd graunte bim grace of uprisynge. 

ps. xxxvii. 15. 

Quoniam in te domine speravi: tu exaudies 

me domine deus meus. 

>ORD fory have tristyn tbe, 
JMi lord my god tbu scbaltmebere, 
f or reverens of tbat lady f re, 

"Chat yaf tbe souke and batb no pere. 

To tbat lady betake y me, 

Tbat wonetb above tbe cloudes clere, 

for wbil scbe sittetb neegb tbi see, 

Y bope to spede of my prayere. 

ps. xwcvii. 16. 

Quia dixi: nequando supergaudeant mibi 
inimici mci: ct dum commoventur pedes 
mei, super me magna locuti sunt. 

iOR y have seyd lord merciable, 
kat nogbt up me my f oon be glade, 

J for wbil y stere my feet unstable, 
dp me tbey grete wordes made. 
But crist tbat art so conf ortable, 
JVIahe bere fioures f alle and fade, 
And tbe to plese make me able, 
In synne veil y no more wade. 

ps. xxxvii. 17. 

Quoniam ego in fiagella paratus sum j et 
dolor meus in conspectu meo semper. 
?OR redy y am to be betyn, 
]Mi sorw is redy yn my sygbt, 
Co do bys wille wily not letyn, 
Hy ens my god wil y nogbt f ygbt. 
JVou lord tbat woldest tbi blod swetyn, 
for bem tbat tbe to detbe digbt, 
So send me grace for to gretyn 
Waters tbat may myn berte lygbt. 


i riML. 

ps.xxxvii. 18. 

Quoniam iniquitatem meam annunciabo: 
ct cogitabo pro pcccato meo. 
R^iJlOR y my wrong scbal tellen owt, 

til III ^ ncl f or m ^ s V nne tbcnk y scbal, 

HE5S1 Row bit ys parclous to be prowt, 

Hnd Iccbcric may lesyn al. 

Gnvye and wratbe of bcrtc scbowt, 

Scbulstondeamanyn lytulstal, 

SCIban be is clotbed yn a clowt, 

"Co wone witbynne a wormes wal. 

ps. xxxvii. 19. 

Inimici autcm mci vivunt, ct confirmati 
sunt super me: et multiplicati sunt qui 
oderunt me inique. 

]WC myn enemyes betb quik and 

! Hnd strengbed on me mygbtili, 
T^bei betb encresyd manyf olde, 
TTbat batb me bated wrongfully. 
But goddes lomb tbat 7udas solde, 
for tbrytty penyes unwortbely, 
Y wil praye to be yn bis f olde, 
"Co do bis biddyng buxumly. 




p8. XXXVii. 20. 

mini: quoniam scqucbar bonitatem. 
'Rei that for good evel qwiten, 
for y good folwede bacby ted me, 
But tbei that thus falsly bacbiten, 
f ul dredf ul may here bertis be* 
for god scbal al here wordes writen, 
Hnd scbewe tbat al tbe world scbal se, 
Row scbarply be scbal al bem smiten, 
"Chat wolde nogbt tbat vice fie. 

ps. xxxvii. 21. 

]Se derelinquas me domine deus meus: ne 


)X lord, my god, forsake me nogbt, 
I Departe tbu me never fro, 
fiold tbin bows tbat tbu bast 


forsake tbu nogbt my soule so. 
"Cbis is tbi borwb tbu bast bit bougbt, 
Glinge it were yef tbu were go, 
'Cberfor ibesu lat never tbougbt, 
]^e word ne dede parte us fro. 



pa* xxxviu 22. 

Xntende in adiu torium meum, domine deus 

salutis mee. 

\i§j^j§f O my belpynge take tbu bede, 

MSB ^' lorc *' m ^ goc *' and al myn c ** nc > 
£^=^ Be negb me lord wan y have nede, 

Hnd wisse me wan y am yn voeltbe. 

SIttb gostly fode tbu me fede, 

Hnd hep me from al flescbly fyltbe, 


Ho se tbe f ruyt of gostly tyltbe. 

ps. 1. 1. 

JMiserere m ei deus, secundum magnam mi/ 

sericordiam tuam. 

6RCY lord of my my sdede, 
for tbi mercy tbat myebel ys, 
Lat tbi pyte sprynge & sprede, 
Of tbi mercy tbat y nogbt mys. 
Hf tur gostly grace y grede, 
Goode god tbu graunte me tbis, 

Hbat y mote bere my lyif lede, 
So tbat y do no more amys. 

p8. 1.1. 

fet secundum multitudmem miseracio- 
num tuarum, dele iniquitatem meam. 
HUI^D after tbi mercies that betb fele, 
jfES kord fordo my wikkednesse, 
ffiZK fielpe me for to bide and bele, 
"Cbe blames of mi brotbelnesse. 
Yef eny strynge wil me stele, 
Out of tbe clos of tbi clennesse, 
Sdisse me lord yn wo and wele, 
Hnd keep me for tbi kyndenesse. 

ps. 1. 2. 

Hmplius lava me ab iniquitate mea: et a 

peccato meo munda me. 

lORGOVGR wescb me of my 


Hnd fro my giltes dense me, 
Gnsercbe my soule boute and bynne, 
'Cbat bit no more defouled be. 
Hnd as tbyn berte clef atwynne, 
Slytb deolf ul detb on rode tre, 
So let men ever werk begynne, 
J^ord but yef bit like tbe. 


p8. 1. 3* 

Quoniam iniquitatem meam ego cognosco: 

ct peccatum mcum contra mc est semper. 

R^sflOR al my wikkednesse y knowe, 

hl™|3 Hnd my synne is ever my sight 

flSSSl agayn, 

Hnd tberfor lat tbi pyte growe, 

7besu that were of iewes slaym 

for ricbe and pore, bigbe and lowe, 

Hnd every wigbt y am certayne, 

On domus day wan tbu scbalt blowe 

Of tbi mercy wil be faym 

ps. 1.4. 

Tibi soli peccavi, et malum coram te feci: 
cum iudicaris. 

^s^go tbe only trespasd bave y, 
SlBM brought wykkedly and the nogbt 
£ss-^/ quern ed, 
"Cbi wordis asketb rygbtf ully, 
"Cbu bast victori wan tbu art demed. 
Demyd tbu were wrongfully, 
forme tbat batb tbi feytb foryemed, 
But lord lat me never do why 
XTbat y be fro tbi face flemed. 

pS. I. 5* 

Sect enim in iniquitatibus conceptus sum: 
ct in pcccatis conccpit me mater mea. 
?IROIvD in synney was conserved, 
Of my moder as men bctb alle, 
Of my fader nogbt y received, 
But boon andflescb freel to falle. 
But setb tbi fiescb lord was perceyved, 
"Cher bit was leid f ul streit yn stalle 
Slas tber no synf ul man decey ved 
"Chat wolde to tby mercy calle. 

ps. 1. 6. 

<5cce enim veritatem dilexisti : incerta, et 

occulta sapientie tue manifestasti mibi. 
V%Y)OJ~f) tbu bast loved tbe rygbt, 
Hnd scbewed me consel of tbi wit, 
Row tbrow m ercy and throw might, 

"Cwo kyndes betb to geder knyt. 

Tbral is f re and knave is knygbt, 

God is man, as gospel wry t, 

Hnd yef my soule in perel ys pigbt, 

JMercy god and belpe tbu bit. 


Hsperges meysopo etmundabor: lavabis 
me, et super nivem dealbabor. 

{XCV> boli water tbu schalt me 


Hnd as the snow y scbat be whit, 
for tbougb my soule in synne synke, 
CCUtb weping water bit may be qwit* 
Dedly draugbtis yef y drynke 
Of repentaunce y ef me respit, 
for on tbe trustly wboso tbenke, 
In worldes weltbe batb no delit. 

ps. 1 8. 

Huditui meo dabis gaudium et leticiam : et 

exsultabuntossa bumiliata. 

[§ppO my beryng tbu scbalt yeve, 

ttPl GJladnesse to glade my bones mehe, 

iSs^ In lownesse lerne me to lyve, 

Be nogbt to fer wan y tbe seke. 

Hnd lat me nogbt to detb be dry ve, 

Derwortbe lord y tbe beseke, 

"Cilmy defautis be foryeve 

Of thought, of word, of dedis eke. 


p8. 1. 9. 

Hverte faciem tuam a peccatis meis : ct 
omnes iniquitates meas dele. 
Rm=|r1RO my synne tumc tbi face, 
BIKl put al my wickednesse awey, 
ylS^a (3rct is my gilt, grcttcr tbi grace, 
Or ellus f ayletb oure fey. 
Defautes f ele tbatme deface, 
JMaketb me synge weylawey, 
Hnd crie mercy wan y tree pace, 
Y wot tber is noon otber wey. 

ps. 1. 10. 

Cor mundum crea in me deus : et spiritum 

rectum innova in visceribus meis. 

)OX> make in me berte dene, 
H rightful gost in me renewe, 
fro vii synnes me maketb scbene, 
Olberso tbu go tbat y may sewe. 
Hlas tbi tumement and tbi tene, 
JVIade tbi bak and breste al blewe, 
l^ow graunte crist bit mai be sene, 
Slitbynne myn berte tbat pitous beuvce. 


ps. 1. 11. 

jtc proiicias me a facie tua: et spiritum 

sanctum tuum nc auf eras a mc. 

]HSCnogbt me fro tbi visage, 
TTak nogbt awey tbin boly goost, 
for yn tbc sygbt of that ymage, 

Ys f ulsumnes and murtbc most. 

Y bave be wilde and do outrage, 

dnwyseli wrought as tbu wel wost, 

Tberf or sende me sum corage, 

To fygbtc ayens tbe f endus ost. 

pS. 1. 12. 

Reddemibi leticiam salutaris tui:etspiri- 
tu principali confirma me. 

\f tbin bcltbe yeld me blysse, 

Hnd strengtbe me witb tbi spirit 


HUc my f yve wittus wisse, 
"Chat y lyvc as tbe is leef . 
Hnd as tbu mygbtmy langour lysse, 
TTbat brougbtest man to gret boncbef , 
So lat me never mercy mysse, 
SCIan y am greved witb gostli gref . 


p8. I. 13. 

Docebo iniquos vias tuas: et impii ad te 

[JppO the wicked scbal y tbi weies tecbe, 
wfc|| ^bc synf ul to tbc scbul converte, 
vsssA Synf ul man be war of wrecbe, 
Hud tbenk on crist witb al tbin berte ; 
F)ou be becaam tbi lovly lecbe, 
Hnd for tbi sake f ul sore smerte, 
Tber was no scorn, spotul, ne specbe, 
Despit, ne stroke, tbat bim sterte. 

ps. 1. 14. 

kiberame de sanguinibus deus, deus salu- 

tis mee: et exsultabit linguamea iusticiam 


tf^jgeivIVeRme fro blameful blod, 

IK)! Hlmigbti god of al myn beltbe, 

fl£&3J§ | Then scbal mi tonge be meri of 


To tellen of tbi rygbtf ul teltbe. 
Tbi rygbtf u I blod was spild on rode 
Tbat wescbe us from our fllescbli feltbe 
Hnd many a storm ayens tbe stod 
To wysse us fro tbis worldes weltbe. 



pS. 1. 15. 

Dommc, labia mea aperies: ct os meum an- 
il unciabit laudem tuam. 

)X lippus lord tbu scbalt undo, 

Hnd mi mougbt scbal tbi praisyng 


Tbi mercy and tbi right also, 
parf y tli can no man telle, 
for wan we dedly synnes do, 
Tbi right us demy tb doun to belle, 
But wan we sece and can sey boo, 
Tbi mercy is oure wasscbing welle. 

pS. 1, 16. 

Quoniam si voluisses sacrificium,dedis- 
sem utique : bolocaustis non delectaberis. 
?OR yef tbu woldest have bad 

off ring, 

Y badde bit y even with herte f re, 
But tbu scbalt have no likyng, 
Yn sacrifice of that degre. 
for tbu were offred upbongyng, 
f or mannes sahe on rode tre, 
Of thin berte gan blod out spryng, 
dberf or myn berte y off re the. 


ps. I* 17. 


contritum ct bumiliatum deus non despi- 


j§p-pO god bit is a sacrifice, 

KfPl ^ he $ ostc tbnt is g rcvec * sore, 
tsslsa JMeke berte scbalt tbu non despice, 

Sibils repentauns mai bit restore. 

Y bave forsleutbid tbi service, 

Hnd lytul lyved af tur tbi lore 

But now y repente and arise 

JMercy ibesu y wil no more. 


Benigne fac domine in bona voluntate tua 
Syon : ut edificentur muri ierusalem. 
\XCV) benigne wil do to syon, 

'Chat ierusalem walles were up- 

Jerusalem as witnessetb seynt Ton, 
Ys boli cbircbe tbat errytb nogbt. 
XT wo testamentis acorditb in on, 
TTbus were tbei togedre brought, 
dban crist was tbe corner ston, 
"Chat mannes soule badde dere bought, 
d 33 



Tlunc acceptabis sacrificium iusticie, obla/ 


altarc tuum vitulos. 

I RHjS" scbalt tbu sacrifice accepte, 
Of rigbtfulnesandtreutbeentyer, 
Hnd calveren after tbi recepte, 
Scbul men leyen on tbin autyer. 
On calverie a calf tber crepte, 
Crist on croys botbe dene and deer, 
for teris tbat bis moder wepte, 
Re scbilde us from tbe fendis feer. 

Dom in e exau di oracion em m earn : e t dam or 


ORO tbu berfcyn my prayere, 
Hnd to tbe lat com my cry, 
Voucbesaf to lysten & bere, 
"Co crie on tbe xvitb earful 

XTbat neditb no man so myebel as y, 
TTberfor my stevene strengtbe and stere, 
"Chat y not spehe unspedely. 




ffon avcrtas fariem tuam a me: in qua- 

cumque die tribulor, inclina ad meaurem 

tuam . 

gaR]^ nogbt lord fro me tbi face, 

SKI! Bowc doun tbin crc vvan me is wo, 
l^ss3 Jvat growe greynus of tbi grace, 
XTbat quencbitb synne and peyne also. 
Yn wey of cbarite me cbace, 
"Cbi feitb lat me nogbt falle fro, 
Hnd belpe me tbat y nogbt trespace 
dp bope of m ercy never mo. 

In quacumque die invocavero te, velociter 

^V6RY day wan y tbe calle, 
Redly tbu lystene to me, 
for rygbtf ul betb tbi werkys alle, 
But mercy is tbi propurte. 
^berfor tbougb y f rely falle 
Tii synne tbat y scbulde fle, 
put me nogbt out of tbin balle, 
But belpe me turne ayen to tbe. 




Quia defecerunt sicut f umus dies mci: ct 
ossamea sicut cremiumaruerunt, 

?OR my lif dayes bctb lik smoke, 
TZbat fay led and awey ward byed, 
JVly bonus betb drie and forsoke, 
Hs scracbenis that betb forf ryed. 
Of crist may wel tbis word be spoke, 
"Cbat on tbe crois was don and dryed, 
Cdban bis blessed brist was broke, 
for droutbe and tbrist be loude cryed. 

percussus sum ut fenum et aruit cor 
meum : quia oblitus sum comedere pa/ 
nem meum. 

[WyCGfl y was lik gras or bey, 
JMi berte waxed drie and ded, 
for y forgat wbat maner wey 
"Cbat y scbolde ete myn owne bred. 
"Co peyne me was al bere pley, 
"Cbei tbrasten tbomys in myn bed, 
Despitusly tban sped bem tbei 
Olitb blod to make my body red. 



H voce gemitus mei adbesit os meum cami 


gSgffif OR6 tbe voice of my weilynge, 

rf™ a,1t0 rn Vflescbmv bon gan scbrinke, 

iMM Y say my cosyn7on mornynge, 

Y say my moder for swoning synke. 

Y berde a tbef e me scornynge, 
Gal and eysel was my drinke, 

Y wepte as child of yerys yinge, 
Of tbis myscbef wan y gan tbenke. 

Similis factus sum pellicano solitudinis: 
factus sum sicut nicticorax in domicilio. 
^^ ?HHS lik tbe pellican, 

dp wildernes tbat bimself fleetb, 

Redly to tbe rood y ran, 
f or mannes sake to suffre detb. 
Hnd as nigbtcrowe in bere bous can 
Bi nygbt se to bolt and betb, 
So saverde y to save man, 
Yblessed be tbat ylke detb. 


Vigilavi, et factus sum stcut passer soli- 
tarius in tecto. 
^3g dOK, and was maad Uk a sparwe, 
//[ Cbat in roof ys soly tarie, 

Qpon the trc my nyst was narwe, 
Tberon mygbt y no briddes cary e, 
Hs bctb is burled under barwe, 
So was my fliescb tbat sprong of marie, 
Yn tbis world ys no scbarpur arwe, 
"Chan tbe turnement tbat me gan tarie., 

T^ota die exprobrabant micbi inimici mei: 

?OR al day tbei badde me in scorn, 
JMen tbatmyn enemyes were, 
itts^cJ Hnd tbei tbat preysede me bef orn 
Hf turward agayns me swere. 
"Cban was y tuggut and totorn, 
f ot and bond (and) ye and ere, 
"Cil every lym liyf badde lorn, 
"Cbe turmenturus upon me tere. 


ps. cu 9. 

Quia cincrcm tanquam panem manduca- 
bam,et potum mcum cum fictu miscebam. 
KHIOR askis right as breed y etc, 
BIS] Olepingy meynt my drink ymong, 
yJEBy for love of man y thought hit swetc 
"Co suffre stormes and peynes strong* 
for sitbe Hdam the lawe lete, 
"Through here that of bis rybbe sprong, 
Cdas never man to mercy mete, 
"Cil y had suffred wo and wrong. 

H facie ire indignacionis tue: quia elevans 


^^af ORG the face of thi grevaunce, 

apj( €hu drive me doun with uptiftynge, 

m&M fader y was to thi plesaunce, 

Lift up godyn god dwellynge. 

But for to stynte distorblaunce 

Of man that synnede noght seynge, 

TTbu drive me doun to cbese a chaunce 

Hs man for man detb takynge* 


Diesmei sicutumbradeclinaverunt: etego 

)X dayes passetb as scbadow of 


Hnd y waxe drie lik tbe gras, 
Y wente as man witboute mygbt, 
Cdberso y trad was blody tras. 
SIban y was dcolf ully tbus dygbt, 
That never dede no trespas, 
Centurio seide we dotb unrygbt, 
for treuly goddes sone tbis was. 

XHu autem domine in eternum permanes: et 
memoriale tuum in generacionem etgene- 
^pClC certis lord tbu dwellust evere, 

Onmyndeabidetbyn every kynde, 
for tbi godbed was noyed n evere, 
Tbi manbed mygbt wel men dissevere, 
Tberof tbei made a rigbtf ul ende, 
Tberforycbeman is tbe levere, 
That tbis materie batb wel in mynde. 


XZu cxsurgcns domine misereberis Syon: 
quia tempus miserendi ejus, quia venit 

|r)Q scbalton syon uprisyngrewe, 
g for tyme is come of here mercy, 
Syon is boli cbircbe trewe 
Of men tbat livetb cristenty. 
H stedefast seed yn bere tbu sewe, 
Hnd taugbtest bere ful tenderly, 
Row scbe scbolde synne escbewe, 
Hnd love ye most bertely. 

Quoniam placuerunt servis tuis (apides 

ejus: et terre ejus miserebuntur. 

?ORtbi servants berestonus liked, 
1 Hnd on bere scbal bave pite, 
Crist comerston xii stones piked, 

fiis tuelf apostolis for to bee. 

"Cbei bave bemself a dongeon diked, 

\n syon as (alle) men may se, 

"Chat xvboso be witb synne entriked 

JMay safly to tbat strengtbe fie. 


Gt timcbunt gcntcs nomen tuum domine, 
et omnes reges terre gloriam tuam. 
^^KJ^O folkus scbul tbi name drede, 
h^II Hllc ertbety kynges doute tbi blissc, 
roW Cbat privest princes of bere pryde, 

"Chat wantounly bere wittes wisse 
Rigbt as the lust tbu maist men lede, 
Save and ste and langour lisse, 
But wo is bym that dotb tbat dede 
Slberfor be mot tbi mercy mysse. 

Quia edificavit dominus Syon : et videbi- 

tur in gloria sua. 

k^kiOR god batb boused syon, 


ll^Si man boli cbircbe be maad on 

\n bevene as we triste and trowen. 

Hnd we scbulle to gladnesse goon 

Cbat in grace on grounde now growen 

Graunte god tbat y be on 

"Cbat be nogbt out of bevene tbrowen. 


p8. ci. 17. 

Respexit in oracionem bumilium: ctnon 

sprevit prcccm eorum. 

BppO orison of the meke be seetb, 

Wfii Hnd nogbt despisetb berc pmyerc, 

1^^ But bem tbat bic of bcrtc bectb 

JSe bcrctb be nogbt yn no manere. 

Of bem tbat alle vices fleetb, 

Crist ibesu every man may lere, 

for be was notbur starke ne stef, 

But ever was louly in word and cbere. 

Scribantur bee in generacione altera : et 

populus qui creabitur laudabit dominum. 

JS^jlKN another kynred lat tbis be writen, 

V/SmR Cban scbal praise god the peple 

WbljP unborn, 

Cdboso may tbes wordes wyten, 

Ougbte to tbonke god tberfore. 

r>ow be was for us falsly fleten, 

Hnd bis tender flescb totorn, 

for mannes sake so sore smyten, 

3Kas never noon ne be before. 




Quiaprospexit de excelso sancto suo: do/ 

minus dc cclo in terram aspexit. 

Ri^jO R be bath from bis boly beigbtbe, 


llSSqa fre saugb men walhe under tbe 


Of alle tbc dedly synnes sevene. 

f)c saugb men tborw tbe fendis sleigbtbe, 

Jvic slepyng in synf ul suevene, 

"Cberfor be wolde against bim feigbte, 

"Cil god and man were on yn bevene. 

ps. ci. 20. 

Cltaudiret gemitus compeditorum,utsol/ 

veretfUios interemptorum* 

?0 berc tbe weilyng and tbe wo, 
[Of bem tbat were yn feteris bounde, 
'Hnd to unbynde tbe sones of tbo, 
T^bat weren slayn witb dedly wounde. 
for tbese causes and for mo, 
God was mad man to go on grounde, 
"Cberfor men scbulde nogbt falle bim fro, 
for bim stod many a stormi stounde. 


at annuncientin Syon nomen domini: ct 

laudem eius in ierusalem. 

B^EIOR that men scbulde yn syon teebe 

p]|3j Ourc lordes name that holy is, 

W^y Hndin ierusalem bis presyngprecbe, 

fnmself be cam and taugbte this. 


Tber nys no nay tber be seitb yis, 

Tberfore praise we bim witb specbe, 

Hnd drede we bim to doon amys* 

tn conveniendopopulosin unum,etreges 

u t s ervian t dom in o. 

pf gaderyng of peplis yn on, 
Hnd ehe of kyngus god to serve, 
To be stedefast as ys tbe ston, 
Yn bis servyse that we nogbt suerve. 
The wey of treutbe scbolde we gon, 
To trecberie scbulde we nogbt terve, 
for yef we dede thus eueryebon, 
Tber scbulde no care oure confort kerve. 


— ^fc- — " > at* ■ 


Respond* t ei in via virtu tis sue: paucitatem 

dierum mcorum nuncia micbi. 

A|^$6 onswerid bim yn wey of mygbt, 

llH^ elrne thc utelhoclo f ni ? dayes, 
R2K Tbusonsueryd every cristen knygbt, 
Tbat yevetb no fors of ryebe arayes. 
for wan be tbenkitb bow detb is digbtb 
To asay le man witb scbarpe asay es, 
Re boldetb to god bis berte upright, 
That ferygbt bim no sucbe af rayes. 

]S*c revoces me in dim idio dierum meorum: 
in generacionem et generacionem anni tui. 
jgfessse calle me nogbt tbe balf undele 

fflilR ^ my ^*Y ZQ tborwout tbe yeris, 
aiP for tbei slyde out as mydday mele, 
Hnd passen away as cloudus clere. 
Tber nys no scrit ne no sele 
Of mannes Uf wbil we ben bere, 
Tberfor ibesu tbou knowest me frele, 
CKisse me wan y am yn were. 


Inicio tu domineterram f undasti: ct opera 

manuum tuarum sunt cell. 

fdRSt; lord tbu bygunne ground, 
' Tbi bondwerkis betb bevenis alle, 
HI tbis world tbat is so round, 
Of creaturis as clerkis calle. 
XTbu bast bem pynned in a pound, 
Cditbouten warde of wougb or walle, 
Hnd wile tbu list tbu savest bem sound, 
Hnd wan tbu wilt tbei scbul doun falle. 

tpsi peribunt,tu autem permanes: etom- 

nes sicut vestimentum veterascent. 

?fi€t scbul pericbe but tbu scbalt 


Hnd scbulle olden as a clotb, 
HU vanite tbu scbalt doun felle, 
Hnd make bit leef tbat now is lotb. 
Tber nis no tonge tbat can telle, 
dbat peyne bit is to se tbe wrotb, 
Slan tbu scbalt close tbe yate of belle, 
Hnd curse al tbo tbat tbider gotb. 


ps. ci, 27. 

Gt sicut opertorium mutabis cos, ct mu- 
tabuntur: tu autcm idem ipse es, et anni 
tui non deficient. 

|^]SX> tbu scbalt as a keverlite, 
f Rem cbange,& tbeiscbul cbanget be, 
>Butalweitbuarton parfite, 
Tbi yeris scbul nogbt fayle the. 
TTberfor wan tbu bast mad us quite, 
TTborugb mygbt of ymmortalite, 
Tban scbal bit be alle oure delite 
"Co seo tbi blisf ul mages te. 

f ilii servorum tuorum babitabunt: et se- 
men eorum in seculum dirigctur. 

fit servants soncs scbul duelle and 

for certis tbei betb nogbt unsure, 
"Cbat tbe wil serve witb word and dede. 
7<Jow curteis lord of us bave cure 
forsake us nogbt wan (we) bave nede 
Hnd or we passe make us pure, 
Hnd vnto lond of lif us lede. 


De prof undia clamavi ad te domine: do- 

minc exaudi vocem meam, 

RO dalia dcpc to the y criede, 
Lord, lord, Hstne the voia 
of me, 

"Cbia priaon'tbaty in abide, 
Breh bit up for tbi pite. 
JMi governor be and mi gide, 

JWi goatly fo wan y acbal fie, 

Hnd lat out of tbyn berte alyde 

That y don have agenia the. 


f iant aurea tue intendentea,in vocem de- 

precacionia mee. 

\WZ tbin eria be liatenynge, 
"Co tbe voia of my pray ere, 
for wel y wot tbu baat lyhinge, 
\n man that tbu baat bought ao dere. 
Tberfor watever y rede or aynge, 
Lustne bit lord with lovly cbere, 
Hnd voucbeaaf of myn aakynge, 
JMi conacience to clenae and clere. 


Si iniquitates observaveris domine: do- 
mine quis sustinebit? 

)&f tbu rewarde al wy h kedn esse, 
kord, lord,wbo scbal bit susteyne, 
By tbe lawe of rygbtf ulnesse, 
Sndeles tban were oure peyne. 
But we bope of tbi goodnesse, 
Tbat wban tbu scbalt tbis world af rayne, 
Slitb mercy and with myldenesse, 
"Cbi rightful dome tbu wilt refrayne. 


Quia apud te propiciacio est: et propter le/ 
gem tuam sustinui te domine. 
||«10R witb tbe is forgevenesse, 

i Y bave tbe suffred lord for tbi lawe, 
Cbi lawe scbal al rigbt redresse, 
Cdas never said no sotber sawe. 
"Cberfor wban tbu scbalt bodies blesse, 
Hnd dede men out of dennys drawe, 
7besu tbat saverest al swetenesse, 
kat no fend oure gostis gnawe. 



Sustinuitanimameain verboejus: spera- 

vitanimameain domino. 

)I soule bath suffred yn bis word, 

Yn god my gostbatb bad bis trust; 

for synn e is scbarp as kny wes ord, 
Hnd makitb bym lame tbat litb yn lust. 
T:berfor ibesu, tbu lovely lord, 
Cher y am roton,rubbe of tbe rust, 
Or y be brought to scbippes bord, 
Co sayle yn to tbe dale of dust. 


H custodia matutina usque ad rtoctem: 

speret Israel in domino. 

?ROJW tbe morwwarde yn to tbe 

Jvat israel yn oure lord trowen ; 
Israel betokenetb every wight, 
*Cbat god scbal sen and gostly hnowen. 
*Co tbis every cristen man bath right, 
■Chat wil bis strength wel bestowen ; 
Re may be sicur as god batb bight, 
Chat bevene blis scbal be bis owne. 





Quia apud dominum misericordia: et co- 

piosa apud cum redempcio. 

pOR at ourc lord ys grct mercy, 

Hnd plentewous raunson is bim 


Re paiede for us bis owne body, 
Yn forme of bred botbe lyme and Utb. 
Certis for ourc sake only, 
Re was feynt as foun yn f ritb, 
So tbat synf ulman sy curly, 
JMay bym gete grace and gritb. 


€t ipse redimet Israel, ex omnibus iniqui- 

tatibus eius. 

|]SX> be scbal byen israel, 

for bis mysdedes every ebon e, 


Hnd eft be clcpud yn blod and bon. 

Tban scbal tbe fend tbat ys so fel, 

f er be flemyd and alle oure fon, 

Hnd gode men scbul in bevene dwel, 

God yeve grace tbat y be on. 



j 1 



Domine exaudi oracioncm meam: auribus 

pcrcipe obsecracionem meain in veritate 

tua: exaudi me in tua iusticia. 

ORD lystne tbu myn orison, 

CHitb cris my pray ere perceyve, 

Tn sotbfastnesse tbu bcrc 

my aoun, 

Hnd yn tbi rygbt tbu bit re- 


7bcsu tbat regnestyn bevene tron, 
for bcrc love tbat tbe didc conceyve, 
kat never synne drawe us adoun, 
]^e dredf ul devel us deceyve. 

Ct non intres in iudicium cum servo tuo: 
quia non iustificabitur in conspectu tuo 
omnis vivens. 

jdjVInogbt yn dom witb tbi servant, 
for no Uf scbal be Justified 
Yn tbi sight, ne nogbt tbc faunt 
*Cbat this first yn cradcl cried* 
for us scbal plcde no sergeaunt, 
Hlle slegbtbes scbul ben aspied, 
So wel ys bym tbat hepitb covenant, 
for word and werk scbal be tried. 


Quia persecutes est Cnimicus animam 
meam: bumiliavit in terra vitam meam. 

^EiOR vobi myn enemy bath purseyued 
a« JMisoule,batb lowedmy Uf yn londe, 
for wban y migbte ba\>e synne es- 

JVIi wil to wirke y wolde nogbt wonde. 
But lord ibesu tbat art endeuwed 
Cditb endeles grace, bryngme of bonde, 
Hnd sende me grace to be vertued, 
So tbat y may tbe fend witbstonde. 


Collocavit me in obscuris, sicut mortuos 
seculi: et anxiatus est super me spiritus 
meus,inmeturbatum estcormeum. 

fip^B putte me yn derfce places to be, 
m||! Hs hem tbat yn this world betbdede, 
lixssiJVIi gost was greved upon me, 
Hstonyed was myn berte for drede. 
t^bis ilke sorwe anon y se, 
dan y have don a dedly dede, 
Tberfor ibesu f ul of pyte, 
Yn this myscbef me kepe and rede. 



p8. cxlii. 5. 

JVTemorfui dierum antiquorum,meditatus 
sum in omnibus opcribus tuis: in factis 
manuum tuarum meditabar. 

RHODG mynde on dayes olde, 
On al tbi werhis y me bethought, 
Hnd bow that synf ul ludas solde 
Rim tbat this world with bondes wrought. 
Cdith gret penaunce gcdrid bis folde 
"Che schcpbcrd that ourc soules bougbte, 
TTbc comfort of ourc caris colde, 
Of crist bit com, for be bit bougbtc. 

ps. cxlii. 6. 

Gxpandi manus meas ad tc: anima mca si/ 

cut terra sine aqua tibi. 

RSEpO the myn bondes lord y spradde, 
ffl@$i M» soule is lih lond waturles, 
*2sij 1 may nogbt wepe y am so badde, 
So bareyn and so sorwles. 
Synne constreynetb me so sadde, 
"Cberfor y praye the prynce of pes, 
Relp that y sum teris badde, 
"Chat gostly f ruy t might have encres. 



Velociter cxaudi me domine : defecit spirit/ 

us incus. 

^tSTTJsre lord and here me yerne, 

'Cbe gost of me forsotbe bath 


for y have be f ul lotb to lerne, 
TTbyng tbatmygbte baveavayled. 
But lord that unpynnyst tbi posterne 
for bem tbat baven for tbe travayled, 
Y bope tbu wilt no penaunce sperne 
Of tbei tbat betb witb synne asayled. 


]Son avertas faciem tuam a me: et similis 

ero descender! tibue in lacum. 

f f)I face turne tbu nogbt fro me, 
1 Y wortbe as tbei tbat falletb yn lak e, 

"Cbat betb betaugbt to fendus blake. 

But lat me be non of tbo, 

"Cbenk bow tbu diedist for my sake, 

And graunte me grace or tbat y go, 

Of my trespas amendes make. 



Huditam fac mibi mane misericordiam 

tuam : quia in te speravi. 

f fit mercy make me here a morwe, 
for y have bad yn the myn hope, 
fielp that y were out of borowe, 
Hnd all that betb tberynne ystope, 
kord that suff redes t scbame and sorowe, 
Hnd bleddest many a blody drope, 
for gostly bondes tbu me boruwe, 
That y were out of synne crope. 

ps. cxlii. 8. 

JSTotam fac micbi viam, in qua ambulem : 

quia ad te levavi animam meam. 

[f||| for y my soule to tbe bave lift, 
laSsa Cbis worldes weltbe batb sone a 

Hnd takitb awey a manned thrift. 
Tberfor ibesu curteys and kynde, 
<Gdbos berte was on croys yclif t, 
Jvat never fendes oure patbes blende, 
]^e us encombre never eft. 



Gripe me de inimicis meis domine, ad tc 
confugi: doccme facere voluntatem tu/ 
am, quia deus meus es tu. 

ei-YVeRe mc lord from my fori 


for straugbt to the yfled am y, 
T:ecbe me tbi wyl for to f ulfelle, 
for tbu art my god only. 
Doun myn encmyes tbu felle, 
Receyve mc to tbi mercy, 
TTbat y may dredles yn tbi duelle, 
Hnd tbu yn me endelesly. 


Spiritus tuus bonus deducct me in ter- 
ram rectam : propter nomen tuum do- 
mine vivificabis me, in equitate tua. 

I fil good gost scbal mc lede, 
Streygbtynto tbc londof rygbt, 
' Hndfor tbi name of rygbtf ulbede, 
TTbu scbalt mc make quik and lygbt. 
*Cban scbal y duelle out of drede, 
dar ever ys day and never nygbt, 
for grisly gost scbal tber non grede, 
On bem that betb in blisse bright. 


educes de tributacione animam meam: 



)l soule tbu scbalt brynge out of 


Cditb mercy mi fori disparplye, 
JMake tbe devel droupe and dare, 
That be drawe me to no folye. 
Hnd god that y be nogbt maad bare, 
Of al goodnesse tbat y can spye, 
Yet awbile abyid and spare, 
Tbat y be mended or y dye. 


6t perdes omnes,qui tributant animam 
meam : quoniam ego servus tuus sum. 
^^]sro tbu scbalt lesyn tbat disseysyn 
l^j| ]VIi soule, for y serve tbe, 
WEM Lat no more upon me reyson 
Tbe gostes tba baven grevydme. 
Send me grace tbe to pleysyn, 
Hnd voucbesaf voban dom scbal be, 
Yn bevene kyndom me to seysyn, 
Tbis graunte godyn persones tbre. 


*-. iS|C r "--'^ 

"CRaS ends this rhymed version of the 
penitential psalms jgF found in a JManu- 
script of F)ora: Beata: JMariae Virginis,writ- 
ten at Gloucester about the year 1440, and 
now transcribed and edited by f. S. Bllis. 
printed by Qlilliam JMorris, at the Kelms- 
cott press, i4,dpper)MaU,Rammersmitb. 
finished on the 15th day of November, 




Hfrayne, v., to question 50 

Bernacle,n.,abit 11 

Betaugbt, pp., given over to 56 

Blynne,v.,cease 8 
Boncbef, n., happiness (cf. JMiscbief ) 30 

Boruwe, v., ransom 57 

Borwb, borowe, n., pledge 23, 57 
Boute & bynne, adv., without & within 25 

Britb of ble, bright of hue 12 
Brotbelnesse, a., brittleness, frailty 25 

Calveren, n., calves 34 

Coutbeykyd, well known 6 

Creek, n., coffin or burial basket 1 

Dare, v., bide or lie bid 59 

Dennys,n.,dens 50 

Derwortbe, a., precious 28 

Disparplye, v., scatter 59 

Disseysyn,v., afflict 59 

Dolvyn, pp., delved 1 

eidide,v., grew old 7 

eiinge, a., poor or wretched 23 

f aunt, n., infant 5^ 

f ayrie, n., fairy, illusion 16 

flemed, pp., banished 13 

f leten, pp., beaten 43 


m -^...---i - 


f orsleutbid, pp., neglected 


f ortbougbt,v., repented 


f ory emed, pp., neglected 




f ulsumnes, n., happiness 


Grede, gride,v., cry out 


C5retyn,v., to weep 


Gireynus, n., small portion 


Gritb,n., peace 


Ralf undele, n., balf part 




Kyd, pp., made known 


JUtb,n., joint 


kysse, lisse,v., ease 


JVTatbe,n.,an earthworm 






]Meynt,v., mingled 




Ord,n., point 


Quemed, pp., pleased 


Saverde,v., joyed 


Scbowt, scribal error for stbowt 




S ewe, v., follow 




Seysyn,v., to set or give place to 


Sperde,n., barred 


Stevene,n., voice 




S u even e, n . , a dream 


Sykinge, pr.p., sighing 


Tarie,v., to vex or harry 


TTene,n., injury 




T>as,n., trace 


CInderfong,v. and pp., take, taken 


Onknettit,v., unknits 


CIpmenynge, n., reproach 




?H ere, n., doubt 






CKortb, v., became 


Slough, n., a mound or bank 


3Krecbe,n., wreak 


Yeme, adv.,willingly